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Doctor Position Australia is a leading medical recruitment agency in Australia

Doctor Position Australia

Doctor Position Australia was founded in 1998 and provides international recruitment of doctors to public and private healthcare organisations.

Through our expert knowledge of the international medical world we are well placed to provide candidates and clients with a professional service.

Doctor Position Australia provides a professional and individually tailored service for each client and candidate and has built a large and resourceful network, enabling us to provide an executive service.

We evaluate our success by monitoring the quality of our work and seeking feedback from both clients and candidates both during and at the end of placements.

We guide candidates through the registration process as well as helping them get used to the local hospital system by highlighting the areas where their home system and the local system may differ.


Doctor Position Australia

Workers from overseas are really appreciated in Australia for their skills, enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude.

We find that they get a great deal from their time over here too, working in different environments across several specialities to gain an invaluable range of experience.

As a medical specialist, there is a wide range of employment opportunities available to you in Australia and, with a little help from us, getting over here could hardly be simpler!

Of course, we know that you're not only coming to Australia just to further your career.
So our staff are not only experts at ensuring that we find the right job for you, but also ensuring that you get the most out of your travels to Australia.

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Moving to another country can provide outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development.

A career in Australian healthcare could be a change to higher quality in your professional and family life.

A new career, a new lifestyle and new challenges but it can also be very stressful if not carefully managed.

The mission of Doctor Position Australia is to provide the support you and your family need so that when you arrive in Australia you are ready for the challenges and opportunities which your new life presents.